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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

It began on Sunday

Last Sunday, I hopped on my old Miyata, and taking along the big camera and a long lens, went on a photo safari, primarily to revisit the murals around town.

I never know when I will get back in the groove, but since Sunday I've made about 420 new files. One or two might be worth keeping.

First on my list was the fence-mural near 228 Clara, somewhere south of Market. I hadn't seen it for six years and didn't know if it had survived. I found it intact, though a bit changed as the owner paints over rude tags.

Before I had my camera out I heard the chain in the fence rattling. A man emerged from whatever was behind the fence. I asked him if he was the painter. No, he said, he thought the artist lived in the house next door, he'd only been here for five months.

After he left, I took lots of new pictures of this reproduction of Matisse's dancers, and then I looked through the chain-hole in the fence.

I was surprised to see a large, well kept garden behind the fence. I think I expected a car park or a garage. And another surprise was a big backpacker-type tent.

Perhaps that is where the man is living now.

There are many stories here and I wish I knew them.

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