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Monday, January 24, 2011

A brief break

If you check my blog from time to time you will have noticed I've not written in weeks.  (Hey, why the heck haven't you checked to be sure I'm still breathing?)  You probably guessed that I'm immersed in making images these days and know that there isn't much to write about that, and you'd be right.

On Thursday, Jane told me there would be a full moon that evening and it looked pretty special from her neighborhood and so I got to Alamo Square before dark and set up the tripod in the middle of the dog walkers' field and waited for it to rise in the east.  I had no idea where it would be visible and at first thought I was seeing a bright orange dome, like the Galleria downtown, but it was the fast-rising moon. I also had no idea how to set the camera and came home thinking I'd failed completely, but this image was salvageable and a great learning tool for double-processing.  (Be sure to click on this image to see details.)

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