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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walkin' 24th Street

I met Jill at 20th & Vermont to walk into the Mission along 24th Street, just for something different to do together (she does it often).

We took the stairs down the crookedest-street block of Vermont and then the pedestrian bridge over Hwy 101 into the backside of S.F. General Hospital.  I'd never been inside their E.R. and we popped in to take a look . . . it has a much smaller waiting room than I expected.  Much smaller.  And before noon, it was nearly emtpy.

Walking in a place you only know well from a bicycle seat is quite different---and wonderful.  There's still a nice mix of new upscale-trendy to old & funky on that eastern end of 24th Street.  Even the old rundown places are spiffier than I expected.  Clean.  Somehow, it looks more raggedy from the street.

We stopped for a taco in one of her favorite places (very good, will go back), and after stopping at a wonderful children's playground (24th & York), with some of the most incredible mosaic art works I've ever seen anywhere, we climbed back up the hill to her house.

The sun was shining and the day warmed up, no fog in sight (in fact, it's downright hot in my house!).


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