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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Show, or Sticking My Neck Out

After figuring out how to make prints I then had to figure out what to do with them.

I knew they could be shown where I attend classes at the Fromm Institute on the USF campus, just for the asking.  I broached the subject early last year and was given a date in 2013.  Fine, I said, thinking at least then I'd have no time pressure about what to show.

But near the end of the spring session in June, I was asked if I'd like to take half the gallery in the fall because the woman scheduled for that slot said she couldn't do the whole space.  Sure, I said.

(But I thought I would surprise my Fromm buddies and didn't tell them about the new date.  For the new session Open House held last week I told Jane I would pick her up and we'd go early---she was so eager to meet & greet everyone, she walked right through without looking at them.  That's pretty much all anyone did that day!  Bit of an anti-climax.  Sigh.)

Click here for a virtual tour of the 20 photographs

And it definitely kept me busy all summer: first, editing a zillion files to pick which images to print, processing them better for printing, ordering custom mats for the Ikea frames, printing and framing the work, making up announcements and getting them sent, designing the sequencing and measuring and planning the hanging and, finally, the actual hanging with helpers, Jason and Judy, etc., etc., and by Sept. 2nd, it was all done.
I sometimes watch people at school peering at them, slowly, closely, as I pass by the corridor and peek in.  Not too many have said anything to me, but that's O.K., I've never said anything to those who've shown there before me, either.

When the show comes down in November, I will stick my neck out further and shop them around to local cafes, keep them out there, maybe even sell a print or two someday.


Jane said...

And, you did such a fine job in printing and displaying them, my friend, even if you had to stop your preparation because one of your fellow students wanted to use your expertise in taking a couple of family portraits. Thank you so much for doing that.

Jackie said...

I learned so much doing them---and enjoyed so much spending the time with your family---that I can thank you!