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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Foolin' around in the Presidio

Yesterday, Judy and Theresa and I went to the Presidio late in the day for a picnic, and to watch a Film in the Fog when it got dark.

I ran off with my camera as the light changed on the old, but clearly recently cleaned, red brick buildings.

We were on the grass across from the bowling alley, next to the old theater building in the Main Post, and above the long row of brick barracks bordering Montgomery Street.

As the sun got lower in the west, I couldn't resist going back to take more pictures of the barracks.

I just wish I got out to shoot at that magic-light time of day more often.

The 1947 film, "Dark Passage," with Bogart and Bacall, was probably the worst film noir ever made, but it was made on location here in the city, some of it nearly where we sat, so it was great fun. 

Though it was chilly and windy later on, the fog never did come in all the way.

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