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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Almost there

Today I rode my bike on a trainer, pedaling like a madwoman, the first time I have had enough bend in the new knee to make it over the top!  This recovery has taken longer than I expected, though am just over 6.5 weeks post op now.  I never really asked anyone how long it would take to actually forget-about-it, but when I finally did ask I was told it would be 6-8 weeks before the pain and swelling and redness would subside.  It was 6 weeks to the day before those things finally lost their grip.  Duh, a total knee replacement wasn't exactly a small surgery!

And another thing, I took my big camera out for the first time today.  Jane had me to lunch and I tried to get a good portrait of her sweet new pug, Carmella. She mostly looked worried that the camera might not be a friend.  Her happy look happens when she's running faster than a speeding bullet.  Well, someday I'll figure out how to get a happy picture of her, but it wasn't today.

Watched the last 3 quarters of the 49er game when I got home.  Wow!  Reminded me of Montana at the end!  Good game to watch, fair-weather fan that I am.

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