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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Beach Chalet photographs

 On my ride to the beach on Thursday I stopped in at the Beach Chalet because the cold wind was blowing too hard to continue - a near gale.  The light was even cold, making the 1936 WPA murals by Lucien Labaudt look so delicate and airy that I decided to re-photograph them. 

" And this dog here, this big Saint Bernard used to come every day to have a drink in the Beach Chalet, you know, they have a big fountain there. So Lucien said, "Well, as long as you come everyday, I'm going to put you in the mural." So he put him in the mural, you see, and that Mr. Mackey is holding the dog." Marcelle Labaudt, interview 1964.

I really love this room covered in frescoes and mosaic tiles and am so glad it's been saved and restored (1988) for all to see.  Each time I stop I mean to photograph the placards that probably explain who the people are and the story being depicted.  Both new bay bridges can be seen in some views, since these were done while they were being built.

Photographing them lets me explore them in detail.  And I always want to hurry back for more.

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