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Monday, June 11, 2012

Caught between an egg

. . . and gardeners tending the yard around the house.  They've trimmed back the overgrown bougainvillea and cleared off the upper yard in front of my bedroom window.
Sibyl yawning
Sibyl is quiet, being very still, ready to drop an egg.  It worries me because if she isn't getting the right amount of calcium she can die from egg binding.  So far this year she has dropped four broken eggs, though whether they broke after leaving her body, I can't tell.  That is why I have her on her low basket nearby, where I can perhaps witness this new egg emerge.

 At 4:00, no egg yet but I've used the time to take her picture in front of the black TV and work on image files.  I'm trying not to worry about her too much.

The gardeners are gone.

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