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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's it about?

I stopped to take this picture in Clarion Alley today because I thought that was a stylized sea turtle swimming away.  When I showed it to Judy, she thought it was a bird flying.  Of course, that's what it is: some kind of bird with a pack on its butt, wearing a crusader's cape.  Weird, how I see turtles everywhere!  (Worth clicking to enlarge.)

Now, as I process the image files I want to know what the memorial statement means: “Avec amour et respect pour MOEBIUS” Bode . Cuba . Stan 153; and, by Googling, discover that Moebius is the pen name of French comics artist Jean Giraud, who died from cancer at the age of 73 in Paris on March 10, 2012.  Moebius was best known for his unique design work on The Fifth Element. He was the creator of the popular comic strip Lt. Blueberry. Moebius also contributed storyboards and concept designs to other numerous science fiction and fantasy films, including Alien, Willow, Masters of The Universe and Tron. Along with a Silver Surfer collaboration with Stan Lee. . Moresay.com

That catapulted me into more than I want to know right now, but goes to show how educational our murals can be. . . aside from being so darn pretty.

Now I want to learn more about the muralists, Bode, Cuba and Stan 153, too. It never ends.

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