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Friday, July 27, 2012

Puppets on Olvera Street

8/5/12: I just accidentally removed the entire story about my trip to LA to visit with my cousins and go to the Getty Center.  We had a good time on Saturday at Union Station and Olvera Street. I took a lot of photos there and at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which was just a few blocks from the Hilton Checkers, where we had two rooms.  Sunday, after the museum, we spent more time at the Concert Hall.

Here's a better picture than I'd had up earlier - trying to change the post was how I deleted it.  I really love the way this Frank Gehry building changes in different light.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The fireworks adventure

Every year I think maybe I should at least walk up to the top of my hill (maybe five houses away) to watch the fireworks along the waterfront, and every year I sit in front of the TV and listen to the explosions, too lazy to move.

This year the 4th was lovely: the summer fog had moved offshore early and wasn't predicted back into the bay much before fireworks-time, maybe even stay high enough not to ruin the show.  Iffy, but worth thinking about making an adventure out of getting onto The Embarcadero to watch.  I decided to put my Brompton and gear for the night in the back of my car, park near the houseboats on Mission Creek and ride into the celebration.

And it was a terrific plan.  I rode all the way to Aquatic Park and set up my tripod and small camera where I hoped the view would work for pictures---and stood in that spot for over an hour.  See that tree?  It turned out the fireworks barge was just outside the seawall, right behind that tree.  We couldn't see a thing from there, but it was easy to move north, behind the viewing stands.  Great show!

I had no idea how to take pictures at night, but tried various settings until it seemed right.

When it was over I started riding home, not that easy.  Most people were walking and they filled the streets, curb to curb.  I couldn't really get up any speed until south of the Ferry Building, but the crowds were mellow and full of children.

Once, when I stopped to secure my tripod, my cleat wouldn't release from the pedal and I had to hang on to a car, as I fell helplessly to that side.  It was terrible.  I thought I'd have to unlace and remove my shoe to get going again, but it finally popped out.  I didn't clip in again the rest of the way and not sure why it happened.  It did give me a laugh once it was over.

Additional photos click here.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Riding the Bay Trail

Yesterday I drove in the thick fog to Broadway Burlingame to pick up the bicycle Bay Trail from Coyote Point.  The sun came out, pretty much, and it was lovely . . . up until I took the wrong fork at the Belmont Slough and had to ride a mile or so back to Hillsdale.  From there I just boogied down El Camino Real to San Carlos, where I popped over to Old County Road, and on to Menlo Park where I had lunch with Kit.

Both Friday and Saturday I was in Ft. Point, under the Golden Gate Bridge, where a celebration of its 75th year is under way.  Seventeen artists have International Orange-themed exhibits throughout the fort, including a radio station (hence the soldier holding his radio, with me reflected).

But I procrastinate.  Today I need to work on learning more technical stuff in Photoshop.  Every time I upgrade the program I vow to learn how to work smarter.  Ha!