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Monday, July 02, 2012

Riding the Bay Trail

Yesterday I drove in the thick fog to Broadway Burlingame to pick up the bicycle Bay Trail from Coyote Point.  The sun came out, pretty much, and it was lovely . . . up until I took the wrong fork at the Belmont Slough and had to ride a mile or so back to Hillsdale.  From there I just boogied down El Camino Real to San Carlos, where I popped over to Old County Road, and on to Menlo Park where I had lunch with Kit.

Both Friday and Saturday I was in Ft. Point, under the Golden Gate Bridge, where a celebration of its 75th year is under way.  Seventeen artists have International Orange-themed exhibits throughout the fort, including a radio station (hence the soldier holding his radio, with me reflected).

But I procrastinate.  Today I need to work on learning more technical stuff in Photoshop.  Every time I upgrade the program I vow to learn how to work smarter.  Ha!

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