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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunshine & Sunday

As soon as I saw the sun come out early, I put myself in gear to get across town for the Super Sunday America's Cup World Series final match race between the two Oracle boats and the final fleet race.  I was racing along the waterfront by 10:00, and could tell that our low fog bank had retreated but couldn't be sure there wasn't still a low finger moving through the gate.  By the time I reached North Beach I would have heard the foghorns; no sound was heard. I pedaled that bike over Ft. Mason as fast as I could and, Yes! I was rewarded with a sunny and golden gate.

I fooled around at the exhibits on the Marina Green for awhile, trying to get a good shot of this one old photo with the right person being stared at by the man in the lower left corner, but the light was behind it so it wasn't as successful as I'd hoped.  Tried again later but the right person was never where I wanted.  Thought of asking someone to model, but didn't.

 I decided to go out on the breakwater again, and was stopped by a police barrier from getting to the end.  Someone said it was because people standing on the breakwater cut off the view for the pay-to-sit-in-bleachers crowd on shore by the yacht clubs.  There were some people out past the barrier, just at the point, and it was said those lucky few had permits.  Hmmm.

It didn't really matter, where I perched on the rocks along the course was just as good; the boats seemed to be but an arm's length away as they passed.

When that fun was over I rode up to Chinatown for Sunday Streets.  Looking down Grant from Columbus it didn't look very bike friendly.  I walked the length, taking pictures here and there.

I think everyone was really enjoying---and perhaps rediscovering---Chinatown, though the shop keepers looked somewhat bemused. Not your usual tourist crowd.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sports spectating

 "America" 1851 NYYC
Start of fleet race
In between races I watched my fellow spectators, especially this woman juggling three really expensive, really heavy cameras, one with the largest telephoto I've ever seen.  She was hopping up and down the precarious rocky shoreline, sometimes using a tall stepladder to get above all the heads.  She was very self-contained, and really focused - never spoke to anyone, never took her eyes off the boats.
Between races on Youth Day
It was dark and foggy where I stood, and even worse looking towards the bridge, but the sun was shining just a bit southeast of the race; we were right on the cusp.  The wind was considered light, and compared to the days before it was.

Spithill's team had just won the fleet race
For most of the day I stood right at the finish line, out on the tip of this breakwater where one could almost touch the boats as they flew by.  They seem so small and insubstantial - but they do indeed go fast!  I wonder what the 72s will look like when they come next year.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Riding the waterfront

I wore my long-sleeved wool jersey over a long-sleeved base layer to ride to the Marina Green to watch the America's Cup sailing practice this afternoon; it was the right outfit for the cold wind coming off the fog bank, but it was just sunny enough to skip the windbreaker.

 The World Series has taken over the Marina Green and parts of the Embarcadero, but nothing one couldn't get around by bike, or on foot if you like a long, long walk.

I went all the way out on the mole, out past the St. Francis and Golden Gate Yacht Clubs, where the racers come very close to shore, passing right outside the Wave Organ.

The burned Pier 29 facade is covered completely with  trompe l'oeil (sort of) while they reconstruct it.  Looks better than it did last week when I rode by.

And then, after passing the fire boat, I stopped at Pier 30-32, near Red's Java House, where they haul the 45' catamarans out of the water for the night.

I only rode about 16 miles all together, and stopped often to watch the goings on, but it beat staying indoors all day, that's for sure.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Waiting for twilight

This was taken last October, when the sun went down before 4:30.  I need to go to the west side of Potrero Hill to feed Jill's cat, but I'm waiting for sunset to see what I will see from there.  The sun won't set until an hour from now, or 8:00.  I guess I could hang out with the cat for awhile while I wait for it.

. . . but our big ol' fog bank ruined that idea, the light was flat and unexciting.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Other people's art

René Bouché, Letters from Post-war Paris, 1945
In some museums, some of the time, one is allowed to photograph the art, and then I can't resist.

Saturday, I dropped in at SFMoMA to check out Cindy Sherman’s work, not expecting to like it, but had to revise my negative attitude real quick.  Seeing one piece at a time, here and there, hadn’t prepared me for the impact.  Well worth seeing. (Photos of her photos not allowed.)
Sunday, I met Kaethe at the Legion of Honor when it opened to see the René Bouché letters and sketches from post-war Paris.  We had the room to ourselves and I photographed every piece, just because I could.  We’re hoping they’ll publish a book from the show, but in the meantime I can look at his work any time I wish.  It makes me itch to use my pen & ink and good paper again.

After we had coffee and visited for awhile, she left and I spent time in the Man Ray, Lee Miller show; I hadn’t known Miller, and was more interested in her work than his.  (Photos not allowed.)
Presidio Mural by Victor M. Arnautoff, 1935
 And then, I remembered the chapel in the Presidio -  it’s only open a few hours on Sundays - where I was welcome to photograph the Arnautoff mural.  The fresco runs 35 feet along a narrow corridor, but is well lit from large facing windows, though difficult to frame from so close without distortions.  It’s in perfect condition, and quite beautiful.  (See all of it on my photo site: click here.)
 Tuesday, I met Jane at the de Young to again photograph the Gaultier manikins because, after hearing I’d photographed some of our mutual favorites, Les asked me to make prints and I wanted to grab more before the show ends this week.
I’m printing and framing Jill’s b&w punk work from the 70s for a show in September, and processing more of Jason’s sculptures for his website
Anonymous,  by Jason Bernhardt
It occurred to me that I have photographed a ton of other people’s work, especially this week.  I’ll have to think about what, if anything, that means.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I say America's America Cup

I will give up saying America's America Cup because it's silly to be right, if I am, but have no one, including me, care.

From Wikipedia:  The trophy was originally awarded in 1851 by the Royal Yacht Squadron for a race around the Isle of Wight, which was won by the schooner America.  

Back when I sailed I was told by my captain that it should be called The America Cup.  Maybe he was wrong?  Besides, it really has kept its home in America, all but the years it spent Down Under.

At any rate, now it's America's America Cup.  One wonders for how long and, if we lose it, will they go back to calling it by its rightful name?  Not likely.  At any rate, I'm really excited to watch the races right from my hilltop, or near enough.

(I heard back from the captain that he's always referred to it as America's Cup.  He probably told me at the time that it was named after the yacht, America, and I made up the rest.)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Oops, I forgot to vacuum again

But I've been busy.  I tried on new frames (didn't get these), went to see The Dark Knight Rises with Jane (still can't hear past the loud background noise to understand 90% of the dialog; realized it doesn't matter), had my hair cut . . .

. . . and today was to be put-house-in-order day.  I got three loads of wash done; groceries bought and put away; clean sheets on my bed; and made five large B&W prints for Jill (for the Mabuhay Garden's punk rockers' reunion coming up in Sept.).

Now, when I finally get to sit down after dinner to watch the tele, there is a week's worth of bird droppings and tossed bird food scraps facing me.

Too bad.

I ran into these shots of both Jill and me among the negatives from 1978, from when she borrowed my camera and darkroom.

She's still as beautiful (we both finally quit with the cigarettes), but it hurts to compare this picture with how I look today.  Sigh.

I'll vacuum one of these days . . .

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sign on Market Street

I went into Flax this morning where I saw this parking sign; that dog really makes me smile!