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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Oops, I forgot to vacuum again

But I've been busy.  I tried on new frames (didn't get these), went to see The Dark Knight Rises with Jane (still can't hear past the loud background noise to understand 90% of the dialog; realized it doesn't matter), had my hair cut . . .

. . . and today was to be put-house-in-order day.  I got three loads of wash done; groceries bought and put away; clean sheets on my bed; and made five large B&W prints for Jill (for the Mabuhay Garden's punk rockers' reunion coming up in Sept.).

Now, when I finally get to sit down after dinner to watch the tele, there is a week's worth of bird droppings and tossed bird food scraps facing me.

Too bad.

I ran into these shots of both Jill and me among the negatives from 1978, from when she borrowed my camera and darkroom.

She's still as beautiful (we both finally quit with the cigarettes), but it hurts to compare this picture with how I look today.  Sigh.

I'll vacuum one of these days . . .

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