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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Other people's art

René Bouché, Letters from Post-war Paris, 1945
In some museums, some of the time, one is allowed to photograph the art, and then I can't resist.

Saturday, I dropped in at SFMoMA to check out Cindy Sherman’s work, not expecting to like it, but had to revise my negative attitude real quick.  Seeing one piece at a time, here and there, hadn’t prepared me for the impact.  Well worth seeing. (Photos of her photos not allowed.)
Sunday, I met Kaethe at the Legion of Honor when it opened to see the René Bouché letters and sketches from post-war Paris.  We had the room to ourselves and I photographed every piece, just because I could.  We’re hoping they’ll publish a book from the show, but in the meantime I can look at his work any time I wish.  It makes me itch to use my pen & ink and good paper again.

After we had coffee and visited for awhile, she left and I spent time in the Man Ray, Lee Miller show; I hadn’t known Miller, and was more interested in her work than his.  (Photos not allowed.)
Presidio Mural by Victor M. Arnautoff, 1935
 And then, I remembered the chapel in the Presidio -  it’s only open a few hours on Sundays - where I was welcome to photograph the Arnautoff mural.  The fresco runs 35 feet along a narrow corridor, but is well lit from large facing windows, though difficult to frame from so close without distortions.  It’s in perfect condition, and quite beautiful.  (See all of it on my photo site: click here.)
 Tuesday, I met Jane at the de Young to again photograph the Gaultier manikins because, after hearing I’d photographed some of our mutual favorites, Les asked me to make prints and I wanted to grab more before the show ends this week.
I’m printing and framing Jill’s b&w punk work from the 70s for a show in September, and processing more of Jason’s sculptures for his website
Anonymous,  by Jason Bernhardt
It occurred to me that I have photographed a ton of other people’s work, especially this week.  I’ll have to think about what, if anything, that means.

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