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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sports spectating

 "America" 1851 NYYC
Start of fleet race
In between races I watched my fellow spectators, especially this woman juggling three really expensive, really heavy cameras, one with the largest telephoto I've ever seen.  She was hopping up and down the precarious rocky shoreline, sometimes using a tall stepladder to get above all the heads.  She was very self-contained, and really focused - never spoke to anyone, never took her eyes off the boats.
Between races on Youth Day
It was dark and foggy where I stood, and even worse looking towards the bridge, but the sun was shining just a bit southeast of the race; we were right on the cusp.  The wind was considered light, and compared to the days before it was.

Spithill's team had just won the fleet race
For most of the day I stood right at the finish line, out on the tip of this breakwater where one could almost touch the boats as they flew by.  They seem so small and insubstantial - but they do indeed go fast!  I wonder what the 72s will look like when they come next year.

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