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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sunshine & Sunday

As soon as I saw the sun come out early, I put myself in gear to get across town for the Super Sunday America's Cup World Series final match race between the two Oracle boats and the final fleet race.  I was racing along the waterfront by 10:00, and could tell that our low fog bank had retreated but couldn't be sure there wasn't still a low finger moving through the gate.  By the time I reached North Beach I would have heard the foghorns; no sound was heard. I pedaled that bike over Ft. Mason as fast as I could and, Yes! I was rewarded with a sunny and golden gate.

I fooled around at the exhibits on the Marina Green for awhile, trying to get a good shot of this one old photo with the right person being stared at by the man in the lower left corner, but the light was behind it so it wasn't as successful as I'd hoped.  Tried again later but the right person was never where I wanted.  Thought of asking someone to model, but didn't.

 I decided to go out on the breakwater again, and was stopped by a police barrier from getting to the end.  Someone said it was because people standing on the breakwater cut off the view for the pay-to-sit-in-bleachers crowd on shore by the yacht clubs.  There were some people out past the barrier, just at the point, and it was said those lucky few had permits.  Hmmm.

It didn't really matter, where I perched on the rocks along the course was just as good; the boats seemed to be but an arm's length away as they passed.

When that fun was over I rode up to Chinatown for Sunday Streets.  Looking down Grant from Columbus it didn't look very bike friendly.  I walked the length, taking pictures here and there.

I think everyone was really enjoying---and perhaps rediscovering---Chinatown, though the shop keepers looked somewhat bemused. Not your usual tourist crowd.

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